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CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Art Master CNC Plasma Table Cutting Machine

Art Master CNC Plasma Table Cutting Machine

Product Name: ArtMaster CNC Plasma Table Cutting Machine

The ArtMaster series CNC plasma cutting machine combines high speed cutting with accuracy and precision using a space efficient integrated cutting table desigi which makes for fast and easy installation. Linear Guide:, are paired with a rack and pinion drive mechanism for smooth and accurate motion, supported by a powerful Yaskawa Sigma Series AC Servo System equipped witl precision planetary gearboxes. Available with various plasma system makes and models to suit the intended use. Various torch height control systems are available in an: voltage, capacitive, and mechanical configurations, ant the torch positioner can be either motorized or pneumatic. Ideal for cutting thinner materials, perfect for sheet metal, mild steel aluminum or stainless steel. Single Side drive is standard, with optional dual side gantry drive available for high precision applications.
TypeArtMaster CNC Plasma Table Cutting Machine
Machine WidthAccording to customer requirement, 3m max
Driving ModeSingle Side standard - Dual side optional
Length Of MachineAccording to customer requirement, 8m max
Effective Cutting Width0.5m less than overall width
Effective Cutting Length0.8m less than overall length
Cutting Thickness50 mm Maximum
Maximum speed12000mm/min
Cutting TorchOne plasma torch station
Cutting ModePlasma cutting (Air, 0xy, N2, H2, Argon hydrogen mixture)
Servo SystemYaskana Sigma Series standard - Panasonic optional
GearboxNEUGART Planetary Reducer
GuidesPrecision linear guides in all axes
NC systems offeredHypertherm MicroEDGE or EDGE Pro, Burny 10, FL CNC
Plasma Systems OfferedKjelloerg, Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Kaliburn
Nesting softwareFASTCAM
Cutting TableBuilt into machine
Optional FeaturesDowndraft Table, Fume Extraction System, Water Table

ArtHydef CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine

ArtHydef CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine

The ArtHydef Plasma Bevel cutting system is widely applicable in ship-building, structural steel and mechanical device manufacturing industries. The ability to cut parts with accuracy and precision in 2-D, but with the added benefit of 3-D cutting to prepare edge surfaces that are correctly beveled and clean to be immediately ready for subsequent welding operations, without the need for additional weld-prep operations. This benefit delivers substantial improvements in productivity and cost savings! The design of the rotating head does not twist the cables, and reliability is improved by eliminating the need for a rotary contactor ring to transmit electrical signals. This system supports a smooth continuous change to the bevel angle while cutting to realize plate curve bevel cutting, and can also cut V, X, K or Y bevels. Typical applications include cutting ship hull components, or pressure vessels with domed surfaces where beveled sections are cut from the rounded surfaces. The plasma bevel Cutting Machine has the capability to perform scarf function to remove weld beads and leave a seamless appearance to welded seams, eliminating the need for subsequent machining processes. The plasma system is matched to meet the cutting requirements of the customer and application.

ArtHydef CNC Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine
Machine WidthMade to customer requirement - 4m minimum
Rotation+/- 720 'legrees standard (optional infinite rotation)
The Length Of RailAccording to customer requirement
Effective Cutting Width0. 8m less than track width
Effective Cutting Length2.5m less than track length
Plasma Bevel Cutting ThicknessDetermined according to Plasma System selected
Bevel Angle±45°
Maximum speed15000mm/min
Tool Stations• Up to 2 plasma bevel stations • Optional gas cutting torch station (single torch, triple 1orch and rotating triple torch systems offered)
• Optional Marking & Drilling systems
Cutting ModePlasma (Standard) - Optional Flame Cutting
Servo SystemYaskawa Sigma Series - Dual Rail Drive
GearboxNEUGART Planetary Reducer
NC systemHypertherm EDGE Pro CNC
Nesting softwareLANTEK
Optional featuresCutting Table , Fume Extraction System

ArtMax01 CNC Flame Cutting Machine

ArtMax01 CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Product Name: ArtMax01 CNC Flame Cutting Machine

The ArtMax-O1 series CNC gantry cutting machine is designed for flame cutting applications required to cut thicker steel plates up to 300mm in thickness. The machine is I eat-treated and stress relieved to provide good rigidity and high strength with no deformation. Heavy duty rail is machinec and surface treated for long life and smooth motion. Each oxy-fuel torch is mounted to a robust motorized lifter, using a balls crew mechanism and linear guides to insure the up/down movem ?nt is accurate and true. Automatic flame ignition and auto natic capacitive torch height control systems are included as star dard equipment, to fully automate the cutting process and insure the cut quality is consistently high. By using our nesting software to prepare cutting programs the user can optimize plate utiliza ion and increase overall productivity and efficiency.


ArtMax01 CNC Flame Cutting Machine (lest than 4m)ArtMax01 CNC Flame Cutting Machine (more than 4m)
Machine Widthless than 4m (including 4m)more than 4m
Driving ModeSingle side or Dual sideDual side
The Length Of RailAccording to customer requirement
Effective Cutting Width0.8m less than track width
Effective Cutting Length2m less than track length2.5m less than track length
Cutting Thickness6-150mm standard, optional up to 300mm
Machine Speed10000 mm/min
Torch Stations1-3 torch stations with automatic ignition & capacitive height control1-6 torch stations with automatic ignition & capacitive height control
Cutting ModeFlame (Oxygen and fuel gas)
Servo SystemYaskawa Sigma Series standard, optional Panasonic
GearboxNEUGART Planetary Reducer
NC systemHypertherm MicroEDGE and EDGE Pro, FL CNC, Burny 10
Nesting softwareFASTCAM (standard), other systems optional
Optional featuresPowder marking, Mult -stage piercing, High and low pressure preheating, InkJet marking, Manual torch positioners, Heating and air-conditioning system, Fume Extraction system

CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

Product Name:ArtPcut Pipeline Transversal CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

ArtPcut Pipeline Transversal CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine
Pipe Diameter RangeΦ 60 - Φ 1000mm
Maximum weight of pipe20000KG
Flame cutting torch1 set
Plasma TorchOptional
Cutting the workpiece materialCarbon steel, Stainless stee, Alloy steel, nonferrous metals etc.
Vertical speed10000mm/min
Cutting speed100-3000mm/min
Flame cutting thickness5-60mm
CNC axes2-6 (according to customer requirement)
Pipe rotation axisUnlimited rotation
Cutting torch up and down movements150-550mm550-1100mm
Torch from side to side±60°
Torch back and forth±50°
Cutting nozzle expansion50mm
Minimum crossing angle20
Chuck hole diameter190 mm or 260 mm
Electric chuckOptional
Pipe Support Brackets4 Sets (or as per request of Customer)
Acceptable ambient temperature-5°C— 50°C
Cutting modeOxygen + Acetylene, Oxygen + Propane, or Plasma
Power supply voltage380V 50HZ

Robotic Plasma Cutting Systems

Robotic Plasma Cutting Systems
  • Robotic Plasma Cutting Systems
  • Robotic Plasma Cutting Systems

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